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About Dave Starbuck's Revelation Tapes

WHAT EVERY FREE THINKER & TRUTH SEEKER SHOULD KNOW - To deliberately block or suppress political, scientific, historical & medical truths or discoveries that belong to the people is against international law. Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and
to seek, receive & impart information and ideas through any media, and regardless of frontiers."

Dave Starbuck, the founder of Revelation Tapes is an investigative journalist, now in his 60's, who left the mainstream media many years ago when he realised that they had an agenda and were in fact brainwashing the general public with the lies that the financial elite, who control the western governments today, told them to print whilst ignoring issues that were most definitely in the public's interests to know about.

This troubled him and raised deeply ethical questions associated with issues of accountability, transparency, justice and censorship in the western World today.

Writing books was not the answer as it takes years to get books published and in most cases anything that contradicts the official line, no matter how much evidence there is to support it, will simply not get printed.

As a way to get the information out he founded Revelation Tapes and has produced a series of audio taped lectures which he has researched himself as well as interviewing many experts whose opinions have been totally ignored by the mainstream media and has built up a huge following in alternative news magazines and websites.  

We are all looking for the truth. We all know that we are being lied to by the people who only exist on trust, but cannot piece it all together as the true information is being suppressed from us, and of course most of us don't have the time for the detailed research that is required.

Once a customer has found and listened to the amazing detailed and substantiated information in Dave Starbuck's Revelation Tapes, 75% of them remain customers continually coming back to purchase new products and Dave now has a huge list of customers throughout the world, with many of them becoming news contacts and friends.

Once any of us find a good source for the truth we can't let it go and want to know more and more.

Due to public demand Dave Starbuck has now added a list of the top suppressed DVD's to his range, covering most of the important subjects, which have received an excellent response from regular customers.

A Good First Purchase from Revelation Tapes

We believe that most of us are now 'waking up' but can't really understand what is happening or why it is happening, and haven't got the time to scour the internet for days on end to find strands of evidence.

That is why we recommend a good starting point to be: the 4 CD set "Bombshells For All" and the DVD "The Money Masters" (included as part of the 2 DVD FREE SHOCK TREATMENT Set to ALL New Customers) as they give an amazing level of precise detailed and substantiated evidence about the 'Bigger Picture' as to how and why we are being lied to every day of our life and who exactly is behind it all. Once you understand the bigger picture the rest of the information in our CD's and DVD's will fall into place much easier, and you will wonder how you ever fell for the continual lies from the mainstream media, your governments, banks and other financial institutions most of whom only exist on trust.

BEST EVIDENCED DVD's FOR NEW TRUTH SEEKERS For new "Truth Seekers" and "Free Thinkers" we have prepared a list of the top well evidenced and verifiable DVD presentations covering the important subjects. It will print exactly to fit an A4 page and is in black type only for ease of photocopying and passing to your friends and contacts.

BEST EVIDENCED AUDIO CD's FOR NEW TRUTH SEEKERS We have also prepared a similar list of Audio CD's.

TOP TWENTY Please check the current Top 20 Most Popular titles for DVDís and for Audio CDís which will assist you in selecting the best evidenced DVDís available on their respective suppressed subjects.

In the meantime, as a way of clearing your head from the relentless negative brainwashing by the mainstream media - try NOT watching the mainstream news on TV and try NOT reading mainstream newspapers. If you also stop watching mainstream TV channels completely you will not feel pressured into behaving like the moronic people that you see on TV.

You will be amazed how much better you feel just by doing that and how much clearer your 'own' thoughts will soon be and how much more positive your attitude will be. Before you know it you'll also be dressing smartly again and taking pride in everything that you do. Not to mention asking questions and looking for answers to everything that affects your life. The answers are ALL out there, you just need to look. 

FREE OFFER to New Customers

Most of our customers come back time and time again because of the sheer quality and overwhelming precise detail of the suppressed information on our products. Therefore as a special introductory offer to New Customers, as well as the "FREE SHOCK TREATMENT" 2 DVD set, we will also send you Free of Charge the following Audio CD:- 

CD - The Fraud of the Century - An accountant & financial services whistleblower gives an in depth exposure of how most people with a mortgage and pension fund are defrauded of an average of £180,000 during their lifetime by financial institutions, and the VICTIMS donít even know!  Normal price £10  NOTE: This fraud is in ADDITION TO the banks illegal money creation fraud - and is happening in ALL western countries. This is a conspiracy to defraud by the big financial institutions and the political elite and is proved simply by mathematical calculations - no unsubstantiated allegations whatsoever!!!!!

There is no need to request this FREE AUDIO CD as it will automatically be included FREE OF CHARGE with every new customer's order.

Dave Starbuck

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